Hiking and trekking 
in Armenia

In recent years, extreme tourism in Armenia, in particular trekking and hiking, has become very popular, and all because the country has delightful mountain landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, as well as different climatic zones. There are many trekking routes, all of them pass through mountainous areas and filled with a variety of historical and cultural monuments.
Mountainous Armenia is notable for a variety of climatic zones. Because of its geographical location and altitude differences, on a small territory you can see subtropical and continental climate zones. While the plains are hot, the mountains are blessed with cold winds and it is necessary to take the temperature gradients into account when planning a trip. Summer in Armenia is hot and mostly sunny. The average temperature is +26 in the foothills, and +22 in the mountainous regions. Autumn in the region is velvet, and the cold starts in November in the foothills. The winter in Armenia is unpredictable. Usually it does not last long; the average temperature is -5 in the foothills and -14 in the mountainous regions; severe frosts may fall down to -30. One should keep in mind that due to the geographical location of the country (most of Armenia is above 2000 meters above sea level) temperature and pressure may be high.

Trekking in Armenia in spring
March is the worst month for trekking. It is the beginning of spring and there are heavy rains all over the country and deep winter reigns in the mountainous regions. Spring begins in April, and then the snow begins to melt in the mountains. The end of May is the best time for hiking both on the plains and in the mountains. It's still cold at night in the mountains and you should always bring suitable clothes.

Trekking in Armenia in summer
The hot summer on the plains starts in early June with temperature up to +27. The summer in the mountains starts in the end of the month. The best month for trekking in the mountains is July when it's pleasant during the day and not cold at night. In August it can be a little hot during the day, but at night it will be quite comfortable. If you have planned a trip to Armenia in the summer, your days will be filled with the sweet taste and aroma of Armenian fruits. Every month new fruits ripen - apricot, peach, plum, melon, watermelon and berries. It is worth having sunscreen with SPF no less than 50, as the sun is very strong in the mountains.

Trekking in Armenia in Autumn
Autumn in the mountains begins in late August. In this time there is no heavy rainfall yet, and the sun is still warm. From October it starts to get colder and golden autumn begins in Armenia. In November, the hiking season ends until the next spring.

Winter in Armenia
The winters in Armenia are mostly not severe with abundant snow in the mountains. Ski resorts in Armenia are perfect for both beginners and professional skiers and freeride enthusiasts. For climbers, the Armenian mountains will be a discovery and a great opportunity to test their skills.
The route
Lake Sevan - Dilijan - Lake Parz - Gosh village - Goshavank Monastery - Ijevan - Makaravank Monastery - Lastiver - Yenokavan
Duration - 8 days
Difficulty - medium
Best time for trekking - May - October

One of the most interesting trekking routes starts from Lake Sevan - the biggest mountainous freshwater lake in Armenia and the CIS and the second biggest mountainous lake in the world. Lake Sevan is a popular destination for summer vacations and an ideal place for camping and trekking. You can spend several days exploring the shores of the lake and camp on the shore every evening. The hike along the shores of the lake includes a visit to Sevanavank Monastery (IX century) on the peninsula, and then climbing Mount Artanish (height 2460 meters).

The next point of the route is Dilijan, one of the most picturesque corners of Armenia. The resort town of Dilijan is located in the national park. The coniferous forests and mild climate are ideal for improving health, and the wooded area is ideal for hiking.
From Dilijan we drive to Lake Parz, a famous natural landmark of the region. All trekking tours start from the shores of the lake. Through the forest the road leads to meadows, along small rivers and Ijevan ridge. On the way you'll see ancient khachkars and finally the monastery Goshavank (XII century) will open in front of you. If the weather is good you can return to the lake birches and camp overnight.

The next stop of the trekking tour is Idjevan city, another picturesque place in Armenia. Ijevan is considered one of the popular resorts due to its mineral waters, mild climate and dense forests. For trekking, horseback riding and camping Ijevan is one of the best destinations.

The first stopping point in the town is the Makrawank Monastery and the natural attractions nearby. The monastery complex with all the churches is considered one of the major medieval architectural masterpieces. Makaravank is built of dark pink and green stone and from a distance the whole complex looks impressive.